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About EcoConServ EcoConServ Environmental Solutions is a leading environmental consultancy firm, which since its foundation in 1999 has provided high-quality environmental and development assistance to a wide range of national and international clients in the fields of: renewable energy, tourism, petroleum, industry, agriculture and water resource sectors.
Services EcoConServ has a comprehensive service portfolio, which targets a majority of the environmental challenges facing Egypt. EcoConServ specializes in the following fields: Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; Social Development; Environmental and Energy Audits; Clean Development Mechanism; Industrial Pollution Prevention, Water resources management; Solid and Hazardous Waste management; Renewable Energy; Environmental Management Systems and Action Plans, Monitoring and Evaluation etc.
Our Clients EcoConServ maintains a comprehensive international network of partners, clients and contacts, in addition to having an extensive network of contacts in Ministries, Governorates, and Municipalities in Egypt. Among EcoConServ’s clients are international organizations and donor agencies, such as the World Bank, GEF, UNDP, USAID, CIDA, DfID, GTZ, and Danida. 

ملخص تنفيذي لدراسة تقييم الأثر البيئي والاجتماعي مشروع مزرعة رياح جبل الزيت GZWF المرحلة الثالثة330 ميجاوات - إيطالجين- بالعربية 2017

Executive Summary-Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ITALGEN Gabal El Ziet Wind Farm (GZWF Phase III) 320 MW -ENG 2017

الملخص التنفيذي الخاص بمحافظة سوهاج - النهائي

ESIA ISSIP II Sohag governorate executive Summary

ملخص تنفيذي لمحطة الطاقة والتخزين لتوليد 2100 ميجاوات جبل عتاقة السويس  –

ملخص تنفيذي لدراسة تقييم الأثر البيئي والاجتماعي- مشروع إيطالجين لتوليد الكهرباء من الرياح بطاقة 140-200 ميجا وات (المرحلة الثانية)  –

جبل الزيت– مصر يناير 2014

الملخص التنفيذى لدراسة تقييم الأثر البيئى والإجتماعى لمشروع محطة محولات منشية ناصر وخطوط الربط بالشبكة القومية(بالعربية)

الملخص التنفيذي الخاص بدراسة تقييم الأثر البيئي والاجتماعي لمشروع محطة معالجة مياه الصرف الصحى بالنواورة والغابة الشجرية الملحقة بها

الملخص التنفيذى لدراسة تقييم الأثر البيئى والإجتماعى لمشروع محطة محولات منشية ناصر وخطوط الربط بالشبكة القومية(بالانجليزية)


Welcome to EcoConServ

 The need to find practical and sustainable solutions to environmental problems has never been more pressing. With environmental problems growing in complexity, finding ways and means to solve them require increasing expertise and know-how. 

EcoConServ Environmental Solutions is a leading Egyptian environmental consultancy and services firm striving to bridge the gap between multifaceted environmental problems and their solutions.

EcoConServ's strength is our commitment to providing performance-based solutions. Flexible but focused, highly professional, yet cost effective, these solutions aim at striking a balance between being environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Shared knowledge, teamwork, and enjoying a broad base of technical, environmental and business expertise enables us to offer our clients a dynamic, innovative and comprehensive package of environmental solutions and services. In addition, EcoConServ enjoys sound partnerships with several international consultancy firms, which makes it possible to tailor broad environmental solutions to projects funded by bilateral and multilateral donors.

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