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Consolidated ESIA GSWMP_April 2012

Newsflash 3

The ILO Sub-Regional Office for North Africa has contracted EcoConServ to prepare the Egypt country study on 'Skills for Green Jobs,' which aims to identifying strategic skills development responses of countries in the light of environmental degradation, climate change and the global call for greening economies, by shedding light on the key challenges and priorities for the green economy in Egypt, focusing on existing skills needs and skills development strategy in response to greening, presenting case studies on new green collar occupations and on greening existing occupations.

Newsflash 2

EcoConServ was recently contracted by the Ministry of Health and Population to carry out the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Yemen Health and Population project. The specific objectives of the project are, among others: to ensure that all environmental consequences of rehabilitation and operations of primary health care facilities are evaluated; and to analyze the social context and social issues, as well as the distributional impacts of the intended project services on the different stakeholder groups at the service delivery level.

Newsflash 1

EcoConServ is currently preparing a Framework Environmental and Social Assessment for Egypt Vehicle Scrapping and Recycling Program, financed by the World Bank and implemented by the Ministry of Finance. The services provided include: supplying relevant data on the environmental and social impacts of the Program; assessing impacts by accounting for relevant national and international guidelines; consulting with pertinent stakeholders concerning their perception; and analyze program alternatives and provide mitigation measures, in addition to a management and monitoring plan. Prescribing good practices to be followed at the program level is also an important component of this project.