Our Clients


EcoConServ maintains a comprehensive international network of partners, clients and contacts, in addition to having an extensive network of contacts in Ministries, Governorates, and Municipalities in Egypt. Among EcoConServ’s clients are international organizations and donor agencies, such as the World Bank, GEF, UNDP, USAID, CIDA, DfID, GTZ, and Danida. 

Other clients and partners include, among others: Abt Associates; British Petroleum; Chevron; Deloitte and Touche; ERM; Michelin; Mobinil; Nordic Consulting Group; ONYX; Royal Haskoning; Skanska; Urbaser - Grupo Dragados. EcoConServ is committed to ensuring that the clients’ needs are met with a high standard of quality, by generating multiple plausible solutions for the client addressing complex environmental problems in a fully integrated and cost-effective manner. 

Below is a non-inclusive list of clients and partners: