EcoConServ has a comprehensive service portfolio, which targets a majority of the environmental challenges facing Egypt. EcoConServ specializes in the following fields: Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; Social Development; Environmental and Energy Audits; Clean Development Mechanism; Industrial Pollution Prevention, Water resources management; Solid and Hazardous Waste management; Renewable Energy; Environmental Management Systems and Action Plans, Monitoring and Evaluation etc.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

  • Baseline Environmental and Social Surveys
  • EIA / SIA Scoping Studies
  • EIA / SIA Studies

Environmental and Energy Audits

  • Industrial and Commercial Audits
  • Compliance and Liability Audits
  • Site Contamination Audits

Clean Development Mechanism

  • Provide technical assistance for project identification
  • Preparation of all required project documentation (PIN and PDD)
  • Facilitate project developer's access to funding sources 
  • Supervise validation by a designated operational entity

Social Development

  • Socio-economic research 
  • NGOs capacity building on applying participatory tools
  • Involuntary resettlement management

Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control

  • Pollution Prevention & Waste Minimization Program Design
  • Remediation & Treatment Engineering
  • Cleaner Production Opportunities Assessment 
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Equipment Evaluation, Selection, and Purchasing
  • Process Design/Modification

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 

  • Integrated Waste System Planning
  • Waste Characterization & Compatibility Investigations
  • Facility Planning, Design, and Management
  • Recycling, Composting, and Sludge Disposal
  • Incineration Technology
  • Solid and Liquid Hazardous Waste Management Systems

Tourism and Coastal Zone Management Studies

  • Coastal Erosion & Sedimentation Studies
  • Marine Environmental Assessments
  • Marina and Harbor EIAs and Management Planning
  • Strategy & Policy Development for Sustainable Tourism
  • Coastal Zone/Protected Area Management

Water Resources Management

  • Groundwater Exploration
  • Water Quality Analysis & Drainage Water Treatment
  • Converting Wastewater for Irrigation Use
  • Aquifer Protection & Pollution Prevention
  • Planning and Execution of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Integrated Water Resources Planning & Management

Environmental Management Systems, Training and Institutional Development

  • Institutional Analysis and Capacity Building
  • Environmental Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14000