About EcoConServ


EcoConServ Environmental Solutions is a leading environmental consultancy firm, which since its foundation in 1999 has provided high-quality environmental and development assistance to a wide range of national and international clients in the fields of: renewable energy, tourism, petroleum, industry, agriculture and water resource sectors.

The staff of EcoConServ, comprising of a variety of technical, legislative and financial experts, sustainable development experts, institutional and policy experts, as well as administrative experts, are all highly qualified within their respective fields of expertise. Thanks to its experienced and professional staff, EcoConServ is renowned for its distinct expertise and thorough dedication to each task at hand. EcoConServ draws upon its pool of experts depending on the capabilities needed for each project, which allows the company to retain a core of dedicated staff performing on a high level, along with experts and consultants contracted on a project basis.

EcoConServ puts the interests of its clients at the center of the business relationship and is committed to ensuring that the clients' needs are met with a high standard of quality. Accordingly, the firm generates several plausible solutions for the client, in order to address an array of complex environmental problems in a fully integrated and cost-effective manner. 

EcoConServ has undertaken numerous projects locally, in most Governorates in Egypt, and internationally, in Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Algeria, and for the Palestinian Authority. EcoConServ works in independently as well as in partnership with reputable international firms in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and local firm. In this way, EcoConServ can ensure gathering resources and implementing best practices when providing sound and sustainable solutions to environmental problems.